Carpet cleaning is rarely as easy as some people think. It requires advanced equipment, experience, and knowledge. But spills spots and stains happen every day.

At Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration, we believe that our clients deserve to have a little inside information so here a few tips that will really help our customers to help themselves.

  • On many carpets, one pass with a vacuum cleaner isn’t enough. Double back over your vacuumed areas at least once to ensure you’re removing deeply embedded particles and dirt. Those dirt particles can eventually wear down the fibers of your carpet. Also, pay careful attention to high traffic areas and vacuum them more frequently.


  • Consider adding baking soda to the bag in your vacuum. This can fight odors.


  • When something spills on your carpet, clean it immediately. The longer you wait, the harder that spill will be to remove.


  • As with any spot or spill, blot excess moisture from the stain immediately with a clean, white terry cloth towel. If a cloth towel is not handy, use any clean,  white absorbent material such as a paper towel or napkin.


  • When using any spot removal formula, test a small amount in an inconspicuous area of  to ensure it doesn’t stain or harm your carpet. Then, apply the cleaning solution to the spilled are and gently blot. Avoid aggressively rubbing the area as this could spread the spill and push contaminants deeper into your carpet fibers.


  • Use spot removal formulas sparingly. Do not over-wet the stain. Using too much cleaning solution can cause more harm then good and alway remember to blot, not rub.


  • Start from the outside of the stain and slowly work your way toward the center.


  • Patience is a necessity. Some stains won’t come out on the first try, it may take several tries for the stain to be completely removed.


  • Be cautious. Carelessness or haphazard attempts at stain removal could result in more trouble than you started with. They could create permanent staining and/or damage to the rug or fabric. If you are in doubt, call a professional such as your local ASCR cleaner/restorer. Also, not treating the stain at all could result in permanent staining and/or permanent damage too. Some staining could be so bad that even a professional can’t remove it. Untreated stains will darken over time, or untreated spots and spills could be camouflaged by other soil or dirt and when the dirt is removed, the stain reappears. If in doubt, call a professional.

Spot Removal Methods

Use each of the cleaning agents (numbered 1 – 5, on the bottom left of this page) on the stained area in the order indicated until the stain is removed. Apply small amounts of the cleaning solution with a clean, white absorbent towel. Blot frequently and continue to apply and blot until the staining material is no longer transferred to the absorbent material. The final step is: blot any remaining moisture or cleaning solutions by pressing or padding the area with absorbent towel: weight it down and allow at least six hours to dry.

Some stains require special professional care. If the stain is not removed by a prescribed household method, consult a professional ASCR cleaner or restorer.

  1. Apply a small amount of dry cleaning solvent or alcohol (available at grocery, drug and hardware stores). Use small amounts to prevent any possible damage to sizing, backings, or stuffing materials. Do not use gasoline, lighter fluid or other flammables.
  2. Mix one teaspoonful of white neutral detergent (a mild liquid dishwashing detergent containing no strong alkalies or bleaches) with a cup of lukewarm water.
  3. Mix one tablespoon of household ammonia with a half cup of water.
  4. Mix one-third cup of white household vinegar with two-thirds cup of water.
  5. Mix a solution of powered enzyme laundry detergent following label or box directions.Allow the solution to remain on the stain for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer.

NOTE: Never mix ammonia and bleach during the cleaning operation.

If these problems are affecting your carpet, then it’s time for a deep cleaning.  Contact Bowerman Cleaning and Restoration at 1-800-638-4799.